Putting Learning at the Heart of Emotional Wellbeing

Emotion works is an educational programme for emotional learning and literacy. We work with teachers and related practitioners in school and others children’s services to support healthy emotional development for all.


Emotion Works is an Educational Programme for Emotional Learning and Literacy.

Emotional Works is committed to achieving positive outcomes in learning and well-being for all children and young people, and we have a particular interest in working on project that helps improve outcomes for those who face additional  challenges due to disability or disadvantage.

Our resources and training packages for Teachers, Early Years practitioners and Education Support workers provide developmental guidance and user-friendly tools to for learning and talking about emotion across all ages and stages. Created by teacher, curriculum designer and educational consultant. The Emotion Works programme has been developed and piloted over a 10-year period with excellent contributions and endorsements from practitioners, parents and learners alike.

The Emotion Works social enterprise business model is geared towards providing high quality, affordable products and services in the field of emotional education that are accessible to all. As a registered ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC) in the UK, our finances and activities are monitored annually by a regulatory body to ensure we are working to address the needs of our identified community.


Focuses on developing emotional language, awareness and understanding.

Offer a clever visual framework for learning across many levels

Applicable at Early Years, Primary and Secondary stages


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